I teach flute, improvisation theatre and circus. 

Below you can find some of my improvisation workshops:





”How can I combine a cartwheel in an improv scene without that it would look ridiculous? And how can I improve my physical skills for becoming more versitile on the stage?”

Using the body in the most extreme way can be risk full, but with some simple techniques it can be safe – even in improv! Jacintha Damström will show you different techniques of how to strengthen your body and how to interract with other improvisers in a safe way through the world of acrobatics. We will focus on both solo and group workouts, streching, and (of course) on some scenes! No acrobatic skills are needed from before, just an eagerness to challenge your own body is required for this workshop.


Level:  All


Duration: 6 hours

(3 hours also possible)



Gymnastic mats (thin ones is enough, but all mats are welcome)





We tend to stick to stereotypes, and we tend to group people in stereotypes as well, without actually realizing it. How many times have we seen on stage a women performing the typical secretary, while the man is playing the bad boss of a business? Wouldn’t it be cool to see the opposite roles, going against the stereotypes?

In this workshop we will challenge our brain to think differently, while at the same time we will explore all the characters we can do by using our body and voice in a more exotic way, using combinations we have hardly ever seen. We will go from practicing typically high and low status to more advanced stuff, getting more concerned about what we are doing, particularly with our body and voice, and we will avoid usual habits and stereotypes.



Beginners and intermediate


Duration: 6 hours

(3 hours also possible)





A workshop where body and mind melt together and where a new zone of intimacy is found between the players through different breathing techniques. Being in the moment very often scares us, and prevents us therefore from connecting fully to our partner. We tend to hide behind a shield, avoiding to have to show our vulnerable spots.


We will focus on accepting ourselves at a deeper level, to embrace the feeling of uncertainty, and to supportthe other one with being 100 procent present.



Beginners and intermediate



Duration: 3 hours